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Return Return / Lior Shamriz

RETURN RETURN is a mashup between an audiotext work by Caroline Bergvall, “VIA (48 Dante Translations)”, and a slowed-down version of the trailer to the feature-length fiction film “Saturn Returns”. 26 minutes long, it is comprised of only one digested minute of footage from the original film, accompanying the story’s three main performers: Tal Meiri, Chloe Griffin and Joshua Bogle. The secondary medium – the trailer – becomes the only source.

Watch 'Return Return' on Vimeo

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Ritenuto / Lior Shamriz

RITENUTO is a slowed down clip of a dream scene from the film “Saturn Returns” (one minute slowed down to 63 minutes), accompanied by a soundtrack of a mixtape with pop songs and some classical music pieces.

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Titan / Lior Shamriz

In TITAN, Imri Kahn reads two chapters from Kurt Vonnegut's “The Sirens of Titan”: IN A HOLLYWOOD NIGHTCLUB, A PUZZLE SOLVED.

Accompanying his reading are internet-available images from the satellite and its planet Saturn.

Download 'Ritenuto' & 'Titan'




Saturn Returns' Satellite Films are three films created by Lior Shamriz around his 2009 fiction motion-picture.

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